Connected Process

In the journey of Digital Transformation, achieving harmonized data flow across an enterprise stands as a pivotal milestone. This endeavor materializes through the establishment of a unified digital thread, facilitated by an event-driven data ops layer. Through this cohesive framework, real-time insights from various manufacturing functions permeate, fostering streamlined process digitization.

For instance, envision a scenario where a disruptive production night leads to significant downtime.  The manufacturing planner must reschedule or cancel the order, including notifying logistics and finance to return raw materials or re-direct raw materials. In this intricate dance of operations, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems converge, necessitating synchronized responses to mitigate disruptions.

When processes are intricately connected, a major downtime event initiates a ripple effect across the digital thread. This enables the WMS system to halt raw material deliveries promptly, while the ERP system seamlessly reinstates the affected work order into the scheduling queue, all without manual intervention. Such interconnectedness ensures agility and responsiveness in the face of operational challenges, embodying the essence of digital transformation within modern enterprises.