Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, our parent company specializes in all things factory automation.   From electrical design, panel building, onsite installation to cloud based ML, we have you covered.  

We use the Agile project development methodology.  

We do prefer cloud based software, but we can develop standalone applications, or edge based applications.   We work with you to best fit your needs. 

Both!   We have two distinct branches of SkyIO:  Products and Consulting.   We can build a custom application from the ground up for you, modify one of our existing applications for you or you can buy one of our pre-built solutions.  

We do tend to focus on Industrial solutions, but we will do not-Industrial solutions if the customer/SkyIO partnership is right.    


With lots of factory experience and a super star development team.

We do a monthly service arrangement. 

 Yes, Max has an ML engine that learns how your facility operators.  It then predicts the future production landscape of your factory.

Yes we can.  We work with our customers to define and develop new modules for Max.   

No, max can be run on an edge device too. 

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